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Sunbeams: a Nice Light Show

I was admiring a beautiful light display the other day when the early morning sun went behind a small cloud, resulting in rays of sunlight appearing to shoot out from the cloud edge in all directions.  After decades of seeing … Continue reading

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Ring Around the Moon

You may occasionally notice a ring or halo around the moon, which in folklore is taken as a sign of rain or other precipitation. There are even sayings about rain prediction: “A ring around the moon, means that rain will … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice: The Long Night

The winter solstice is an interesting mix of science and old tradition, and has been on peoples’ calendars for thousands of years. It may be part of the reason Christmas is celebrated when it is.   So let’s talk astronomy … Continue reading

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In the past people used “signs” to tell them when to plant garden and farm crops, and I have kin that still hold to them. One form involved using the 12 astrological signs of the Zodiac, such as Virgo or … Continue reading

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Why Easter Sunday Moves Around

As you know, Easter Sunday moves around on the calendar. I knew it had something to do with astronomy, so I did some research to try and figure out the how and the why. My findings were complicated, but here … Continue reading

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Dog Days

I’ve heard the term Dog Days all my life, but only knew that it referred to the sweltering heat of late summer when dogs laid around more and were more prone to go mad (with rabies). I had a request … Continue reading

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The Star in the East

One part of the Christmas story that has intrigued scientists for centuries is the mysterious star in the east that the wise men or “Magi” followed, seeking a newborn king to worship.  Matthew does not go into detail concerning the … Continue reading

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