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Tick Cautions

With warmer weather most of us are outside more often, which puts us in possible contact with ticks.  Since they enjoy taking free rides (meals included) on our bodies, ticks are both a nuisance and a health concern, spreading spotted … Continue reading

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Defense from Ticks

Ticks season is officially here, and with it comes the concern of getting some serious illnesses that they can carry. So be on guard to protect yourself and your family.   Lyme disease is the most common illness spread by … Continue reading

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Bark Thieves

Wild medicinal plants have been used to cure ailments for thousands of years, and are still very much in use today. Over 40% of prescription drugs sold in the U.S. contain at least one ingredient derived from nature. Herbal medicine … Continue reading

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A Healthier Lunch Hour

All jobs come with stress of some form during the day: deadlines, equipment breakdowns, something. And if you have the iconic “desk job” where you sit all day inside a building, those mental stresses are even more pronounced. Your lunch … Continue reading

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