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How to Make Snow

I’m sure you have looked up at the gray winter sky and wondered if it will snow. But have you ever wondered why it snows at all?  What follows is God’s recipe for a snow, but I must warn you … Continue reading

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Make an Outside Resolution

Modern living can make us too busy to relax, and I’m not the first to tell you that’s not healthy.  Humans of whatever age need to play and let those stress generated hormones that make the heart race and adrenaline … Continue reading

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The National Park Service: America’s Best Idea

2016 is nearly gone, and so I want to give one last tip of the hat on their 100th anniversary to what I consider to be the crown jewels of America: our national parks. Our country is blessed with some … Continue reading

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The Extraordinary Wildfires of 2016

When wildfires began to occur around mid-October and greatly increased in November, I saw right away that fires were behaving differently from what we were used to seeing. They were burning hotter and were harder to control. And then the … Continue reading

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Gathering Firewood

For a good number of people in our area, gathering firewood to heat the home or to burn recreationally in a fireplace or fire pit is an annual event.  There is something very satisfying about backing your hind end up … Continue reading

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