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White-Tailed Deer

The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) is probably the favorite game species here in the east, and spotting one always gives me a small feel of “wildness”. They have a complex and intriguing lifestyle.   The white-tail is in the family … Continue reading

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The Old Custom of Shiveree

I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed a now a forgotten custom called Shiveree.  When I was around 5 years old and living at East End in Middlesboro, a couple got married a few houses down from us.  A group … Continue reading

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Return of the Chestnut?

The American chestnut was once the grandest tree in the Appalachian forest, with diameters 5-8 feet wide and broad spreading crowns over 100 feet tall.  It grew from Maine to Georgia, covering 200 million acres. In our area one tree … Continue reading

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September Dew

September is usually noted for having heavy dews that bejewel cobwebs and soak your feet when walking through grass.  The reason is that nights are getting longer, which allows the grass and other objects more time to drop below the … Continue reading

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Eating Acorns

Those under the age of 40 probably don’t remember Euell Gibbons, a promoter of eating food gathered from the wild.  He wrote a book that still sells well called Stalking the Wild Asparagus, and made commercials for Grape Nuts cereal … Continue reading

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