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Most folks don’t see Katydids because they are so well camouflaged.  But anyone who sits on their porch on a late summer’s night are familiar with their “katy did….katy didn’t” song, along with their chirping cousin, the cricket.   True … Continue reading

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Teach Your Children Well

I’m afraid I’m going to sound like an old cranky dude for beginning a sentences with that time worn phrase “when I was young, we…”  fill in the blank. Well so be it.  When I was young we played outside, … Continue reading

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Protecting Trees When Building

Many homes are being built in the midst of existing trees to take advantage of the aesthetic and environmental value of forested lots.  Wooded properties are often priced higher than those without trees, and people value the opportunity to live … Continue reading

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Sunbeams: a Nice Light Show

I was admiring a beautiful light display the other day when the early morning sun went behind a small cloud, resulting in rays of sunlight appearing to shoot out from the cloud edge in all directions.  After decades of seeing … Continue reading

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Mountain Tea

This article came from my Mom sharing her experiences of growing up on a local Tennessee hillside farm back in the day before you could go to the store and find 10 choices of anything you want.  She knew how … Continue reading

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