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Ash Trees in Serious Trouble

Driving down the road you may have noticed a lot of dead trees pock marked in the mountains or along streams. There’s a good chance those are dead and dying ash trees that are being hammered hard by the emerald … Continue reading

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Pillbugs: More Than You Want to Know

If you’ve ever picked up an old board or a rock that’s been lying on the ground a while, you’ve no doubt found pillbugs, which live in moist, dark places. They are also known as sowbugs or rolie polie bugs, … Continue reading

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Fish Bait from a Tree

If you fish and have room in your landscape for a tree, the catalpa may be for you.  It supports a worm that is superb bait for bluegill and catfish. The common name used around here is Catawba tree, and … Continue reading

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Shortleaf Pine Troubles

Shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata) is my favorite of the pines.  It is a beautiful tree to behold with its long straight trunk of map-patterned bark.  It and Virginia pine are the most common pines found in our area, and can … Continue reading

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