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The Smell of Rain

I know you all have done this: On a hot and humid day you suddenly notice an earthy, dirt-like odor, and you turn to someone and say: “Smells like rain!”  And sure enough a short time later here comes the … Continue reading

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Trees and Lightning

Everyone is probably aware of the safety tip of not standing under a tree during a thunderstorm, based upon the likelihood that the tallest objects are most likely to be struck by lightning.  Turns out there’s more to being struck … Continue reading

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Tick Cautions

With warmer weather most of us are outside more often, which puts us in possible contact with ticks.  Since they enjoy taking free rides (meals included) on our bodies, ticks are both a nuisance and a health concern, spreading spotted … Continue reading

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One of my favorite wild fruits to pick and eat is raspberries.  Folks have used them for jams and jellies for ages.  The most common raspberry in our area is the native black raspberry (Rubus occidentalis). Its most prominent identifying … Continue reading

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