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Bird Feeding Year Round

Bird feeding during the winter is a good thing to help them get through the lean months, but to keep songbirds attracted to enjoy year-round, then consider feeding them year round,   My wife is the birder in our family, … Continue reading

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Campfire Pit Cooking

Cooking outdoors satisfies a primordial “roughing it” feeling.  Everyone has cooked a wienie on a stick, but few have tried pit cooking, where you literally cook food underground. It does not conform to our modern “do it fast” state of … Continue reading

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Topping Damages Trees

Tree topping is a term used to describe the cutting back of large branches that make up the canopy of a tree.  This method of pruning is not a good thing.  To me it disfigures the tree, making it look … Continue reading

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Sassafras Tea

Sassafras is a common tree in our area, and can be found in every stand of woods of much size.  It has been used as a medicinal and a beverage flavoring for centuries.  As a spring tonic, sassafras tea was … Continue reading

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