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Ring Around the Moon

You may occasionally notice a ring or halo around the moon, which in folklore is taken as a sign of rain or other precipitation. There are even sayings about rain prediction: “A ring around the moon, means that rain will … Continue reading

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The Hornbeams

There are two trees common in our woods that don’t get much attention.  They are typically small trees that stay underneath the main canopy and make do with what sunlight they can get.  They have no timber value, but do … Continue reading

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The Easy to Attract Goldfinch

If you enjoy watching birds at a backyard feeder, you are no doubt familiar with the American goldfinch (Carduelis tristis).  The males have put on their bright yellow coats and are impressive when gathered in large numbers around the feeder. … Continue reading

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Hemlock Trouble

The hemlock is one of my favorite trees, growing cathedral-like in moist forest coves, and providing heavy shade to keep mountain streams cool.  They are also popular landscape trees.  Unfortunately, the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid moved into our area several years … Continue reading

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