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That’s From a Tree?

It would surprise you greatly to count up all of the stuff you use in a day’s time that was derived entirely or partially from trees. With Arbor Day coming for many states, I thought I’d point out some unlikely … Continue reading

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Attack of the Aliens

There are more recognition days or weeks these days than you can shake a stick at. Some highlight worthy causes, such National Arbor Day (April 29), and National Girl Scout Day (March 12). Some you scratch your head at, like … Continue reading

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Biodiversity is a big deal in ecology science these days. The dictionary defines it simply as the variety of living things in a particular area or region. Opinions on the importance of biodiversity vary, but to me the loss of … Continue reading

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Eastern Gray Squirrel

Gray squirrels are familiar to everyone because they are so common, even in cities. Their aerobatics and speed are second to none, making them popular to hunters and animal watchers alike.   Cute though they are, the gray squirrel (Sciurus … Continue reading

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