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Topographic Map a Good Outside Tool

Our area is geologically a bumpy place, with mountains, valleys, streams, and other features. If you can read a topographic map you can keep up with where you are and find useful and interesting information. A topographic map is similar … Continue reading

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Old Christmas

You can learn a lot from talking with elders. In a conversation about Christmas with my mother some years ago I learned that the Christmas of her childhood was pretty simple. The kids would normally get candy, some fruit, and … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice: The Long Night

The winter solstice is an interesting mix of science and old tradition, and has been on peoples’ calendars for thousands of years. It may be part of the reason Christmas is celebrated when it is.   So let’s talk astronomy … Continue reading

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The Hanging of the Green Tradition

The “hanging of the green” is a Christmas tradition that has been around for centuries. Sprays, garlands, wreaths, and trees from evergreen trees such as pine, fir, holly, and laurel have decorated homes at Christmas time since the days of … Continue reading

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Of Mice and Men

As cold weather settles in you may end up with an influx of mice wanting to use your house as a winter retreat. There are several mouse species in our area, but thankfully only a few pose a problem for … Continue reading

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