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Cottontail Rabbit

It was a tradition in my family for the men to go rabbit hunting on Thanksgiving morning. Our native cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus) can be found all over North America and is the most popular small game animal in the United … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is one of the high holidays of the US, involving traditions of being with family, eating a bountiful meal of traditional foods, and hopefully taking time to give thanks for what we have been given. You know the traditional … Continue reading

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How Tall Is Your Tree?

Have you ever wondered how tall the biggest tree in your yard is? There are several methods you can use to measure it, such as cut it down and measure one end to the other. Another would be to send … Continue reading

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After the Leaves Fall

Leaves falling off the trees signal the end of the summer, but it is also the beginning of spring. Leaves and other falling debris supply the raw materials needed for next year’s growth of new leaves. Going from dead leaves … Continue reading

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Woodstove Tune-up

Many folks like me burn firewood for supplemental heat, but also for the pleasure of warming up your back end next to it on a cold day. Whether you cut your own or purchase firewood, you want all the heat … Continue reading

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