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Small Game Hunting Weather

Small game animals react to varying weather conditions, and so a keen eye on the weather can pay off when hunting.   Rabbits hole up when it’s stormy, but as the barometer rises and the sky clears, they are out … Continue reading

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Deer Language

Deer are social animals, and therefore need to communicate with one another. Sometimes it’s one on one trash talk, while other times it’s an alarm to an entire group.   There are several ways a deer communicates that it’s alarmed … Continue reading

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Fox Squirrel

Squirrel hunting season is coming up, and the biggest species in our area to make dumplings out of is the Fox squirrel, which had a population surge locally over the last decade or so.   Fox squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis), are … Continue reading

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Rabbit Tobacco

A popular pastime when my Mom was growing up on an east Tennessee hillside farm was to go out and find some dry rabbit tobacco, crush it and roll it up in some brown paper from a poke (that’s a … Continue reading

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Pesky Deer

The deer population and has been increasing over the past few decades, as has the human population. The recent trend of wanting to build a house in the country or in the woods has put both populations in closer contact … Continue reading

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