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Identifying Local Pines

Nationwide the pines are probably the most important timber tree group, especially in the West and South where they are the predominant tree species. In our area pines are not plentiful, but are still important for providing lumber, wildlife habitat, … Continue reading

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The Forest Primeval

Most people envision that when Europeans first came to America there was a vast, unbroken expanse of trees stretching from the coast to the western plains. This is our vision of a wilderness, forests untouched and unchanging. Research indicates that … Continue reading

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Periwinkles: the Snail Not the Flower

Anyone who has hiked and crossed a mountain stream or took a cold drink out of a spring has likely seen periwinkles, which look like small roundish black pebbles scattered about in the water. Closer inspection reveals that they are … Continue reading

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If you own land of any size, chances are it has thistle growing on it. This group of plants is one of the most persistent weeds in our area, and if dirt is exposed it will probably end up growing … Continue reading

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Poisonous Snakes

Humans seem hard wired to fear of snakes, and it is useful to help us be cautious around poisonous species. But the vast majority of snakes found in our area is harmless, and perform a useful service of keeping rodent … Continue reading

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