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Defense from Ticks

Ticks season is officially here, and with it comes the concern of getting some serious illnesses that they can carry. So be on guard to protect yourself and your family.   Lyme disease is the most common illness spread by … Continue reading

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Catching Worms

Earthworms are probably the most common fish bait used on the planet. There is an entire industry dedicated to producing worms for sale to the fishing public. If you have time and want to occasionally spend some quality time with … Continue reading

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Tree Size versus Age

There is a misconception that big trees are old and small trees are young, but in reality tree size at a given age is more related to the species and growing conditions. It is not uncommon to have two trees … Continue reading

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Seeing Red in the Forest

You have no doubt noticed trees displaying a red canopy over the past couple of weeks, which are the red maples blooming very prolifically this year. The tree comes by its name honest, as there’s something red about it all … Continue reading

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