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Even though I like winter, when the view in the forest is more open and the air crisp, one does get a craving to see something green. It gives your subconscious satisfaction that thing stil lookl alive in the forest … Continue reading

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Bird Feeding in Winter

Bird watching is a favorite pastime for many nature lovers, but it’s often hard to find time to get out and see them. You can enjoy them at home by setting up a feeding station or two. This will also … Continue reading

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Christmas Traditions from the Forest

     Man’s reverence of trees goes back a long time. As we enjoy the coming holidays, reflect on how interwoven forest plants are with Christmas symbols and traditions.   The Christmas Tree: An evergreen tree, sparkling with ornaments and lights, … Continue reading

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Keeping Christmas Trees Fresh

The smell, look, and feel of a live tree provide a strong Christmas tradition that many of us cannot do without. But with that comes the concern of the tree drying out and becoming a fire hazard. There is an … Continue reading

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Elk Life

Elk were once native to the eastern U. S., but over hunting and loss of habitat pushed them west and north.   There is a reference to the last far eastern elk being killed in Pennsylvania in 1869. Reintroduction of elk … Continue reading

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