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Tree Trunks

Trees are impressive life forms, producing tall majestic columns that reach to the sky. Besides support, tree trunks perform a number of functions, so here’s a lesson in tree physiology.   Growth of the trunk occurs at a thin layer … Continue reading

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GPS: A Great Outdoor Tool

One of the handiest devices to come along to enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors is a GPS unit. With one of these you need never lose your way in the woods, always find your way back to your favorite … Continue reading

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Wildlife Cover

Requirements for good wildlife habitat can be broken down into three basic needs: reliable water, food, and cover. While water and food needs are easy to understand, cover is more dynamic and its need varies from day to day and … Continue reading

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A Changing Forest

Most of the forestland in our area is classified as the oak-hickory type, meaning that over 50% of the trees in the forest are some species of oak or hickory. Unfortunately, these species are not growing back into woodlands on … Continue reading

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