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The Smokey Bear Phenomenon

The Smokey Bear campaign is 70 years old this year, and its power is reflected by the fact that anybody over the age of 4 knows who Smokey is and his favorite one liner: “Only you”. Smokey was born out … Continue reading

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Aging Trees

It is often assumed that small trees are young and large ones old. But I’ve seen large trees that were only 50 years old, and others the size of fence posts over 100. Individual trees grow at different rates based … Continue reading

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Picking Up Walnuts

Black walnuts have been a food sources as far back as you want to look.   Squirrels have always been primary users, but Native Americans found the tasty nuts to be a high protein energy source to help get through the … Continue reading

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Tree Leaves

With the autumn colors coming on fast everyone is thinking about tree leaves. When it comes to trees, we have the market cornered here in our area. There are more varieties of trees, shrubs, and vines here than anywhere in … Continue reading

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