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Planting Trees

Whether you’re planting a single tree in your yard or several acres on a farm, tree planting is an honorable act to perform. The paybacks are many and not fully appreciated. Trees can provide income to their owner, pleasing views, … Continue reading

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Moths to a Flame

Turning on outside lights seems to invite every nocturnal insect in the neighborhood to your patio party. Moths and numerous other insects come far and wide to orbit around the light bulbs. I always thought that they had some inbred … Continue reading

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Kudzu Krud

Normally I am plant lover kind of guy, but there is a group of foreigners that I love to hate. They are classed exotic invasive plants, and they are determined to take over the U.S. an acre at a time, … Continue reading

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Plant Lore: Moss

Anyone who has walked in the woods has seen areas of rock or soil covered with a thick, green carpet. Moss has few features that call it to our attention, but it is an old and venerable life form unique … Continue reading

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Mature Trees

For everything there is a season, as the Bible says. All life forms live for so long, and then begin to decline in health and eventually die. Depending on the species, trees have a fairly long life span. White oak … Continue reading

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