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June Bugs

Anyone who has picked blackberries is familiar with June bugs, because they’ll startle you when you reach in and pick one of them instead of a berry. As a youngster I was taught that June bugs are those large, green … Continue reading

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Dog Days

I’ve heard the term Dog Days all my life, but only knew that it referred to the sweltering heat of late summer when dogs laid around more and were more prone to go mad (with rabies). I had a request … Continue reading

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The hummingbird needs no introduction, since everyone at one time or other has been mesmerized by its bright color, tiny size and amazing aerial abilities. There are several hundred species of hummingbirds in the world, but the only one found … Continue reading

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U.S. History: An Appeal to Heaven

It always interests me how trees are so often intertwined with our culture and history. The July celebration of our Independence is a good time for a history lesson. The Liberty Tree was an elm tree in Boston where protesters … Continue reading

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Poison Ivy on Steroids

Still more bad news concerning global warming: a report produced by Reuters Health states that increased carbon dioxide levels will cause poison ivy to become more potent and more widespread. Scientists have known for some time that plants often increase … Continue reading

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