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Wild Onions

Each Spring many lawns, gardens and pasture fields grow a crop of wild onions, a planted considered by most to be a weed. However, to the American Indian the plant was considered an important food, using it both as a … Continue reading

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You may not be familiar with Serviceberry (Amelanchier arborea), but I know you’ve seen it. It’s the earliest tree to bloom in the woods (late March to early April) and is very striking on a hillside forest still barren and … Continue reading

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Oaks Are Losing Ground

Here in our area the main forest type is called oak-hickory, meaning oak and hickory species take up the majority of the forest canopy (the tops of trees where the sunlight is).  There are millions of acres of oak-hickory forests … Continue reading

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Uses for Wood Ashes

Folks that use wood in stoves or fireplaces have the added chore of disposing of the ashes.  It can be a valued organic fertilizer and insect repellant if used properly   Wood ash contains 1-2% phosphorus, 7-10% potassium, plus micronutrients … Continue reading

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Arbor Day

The first Friday in March (the 7th) is when Tennessee celebrates Arbor Day (last Friday in April for KY and VA), a time to appreciate and celebrate trees.  The dictionary defines a tree as “a woody perennial plant having a … Continue reading

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