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Wise Men Wisdom

You may wonder why I’m writing an article about the Wise Men now that Christmas is over.  While it is a popular Christmas card manger scene to put wise men in the picture along with shepherds and angels, it is … Continue reading

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The Gifts of the Magi

   Among the stories concerning the birth of Jesus, one of my favorites is the wise men from the east, who sought a king and brought gifts.  This may have inspired our custom of giving Christmas gifts.  In some countries … Continue reading

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Book Gifts for the Outdoorsman

With Christmas coming on fast you may be scrambling for gift ideas for some lover of the outdoors.  To me the next best thing to experiencing the outdoors and all its treasures is reading about it.  So if you want … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Care

Those that hold to the tradition of using a real tree enjoy the smell and feel of a natural product that comes from a renewable resource. Buying one can also help support small family farms,  so it has many positives.  … Continue reading

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