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Living with Fire

We live on a planet where carbon chemically reacts with oxygen and sufficient heat to produce heat energy and light, a chemical process we call “fire”. The carbon is mostly produced by plants like trees and grass.  Since almost any … Continue reading

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Halloween Trivia

The origin of Halloween (or All Hallows Eve) goes back to a Celtic holiday called Samhain (pronounced sow-wan), meaning summer’s end.  From sundown Oct. 31 to sundown Nov. 1 was a time to honor the memory of loved ones who … Continue reading

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The Sense of a Goose

Geese are often perceived as awkward, rather silly creatures that waddle around honking off key.  “He doesn’t have the sense of a goose” is an old put down.  But I contend that geese have an intellect and team approach that … Continue reading

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Wildlife Up Close

If you are squeamish about small creatures being up close, stop reading this and turn to the sports page.  What you are about to learn will shock some and amaze others, so read on at your discretion.  Earth has an … Continue reading

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Planting Trees

Whether you’re planting a single tree in your yard or several acres on a farm, tree planting is one of the most honorable acts you can perform.  The paybacks are many and not often appreciated.   Trees can provide income, … Continue reading

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