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Dust Devils

Admit it, sometime as a kid you spotted a dust devil full of spinning dust or leaves and tried to catch it and stand inside.  Heck I still do it, but I’m not as fast as I once was.  I … Continue reading

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The above high rainfall we’ve had this year seems to have caused a boost in lichens, as I’ve had several calls about them. Lichens are those flat green blotches or hair-like tufts you see growing on tree bark and rocks.  … Continue reading

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Rivers and Creeks

I was perusing topographic maps the other day and was pondering all the different forms of water flow.  We have rivers, creeks, brooks (small streams), and springs.  I found myself asking what makes a creek a creek and a river … Continue reading

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What Butterflies Eat

Most people associate butterflies with flowers, watching them tranquilly sipping nectar like royalty.  However, you may have also seen butterflies hanging around less savory food.   Flight requires a lot of energy, and butterflies get most of the calories they … Continue reading

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