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Virginia Pine

Virginia pine (Pinus virginiana) is the most common pine in our area. Though it is not a particularly handsome or desirable timber tree, it does serve some important functions. Virginia pine is pretty easy to identify, having yellowish-green, fairly thick … Continue reading

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Carpenter Bees

From personal observation and talking with others, this seems to have been a good year for carpenter bees, as there have been plenty of them.  Most of the questions I’ve been asked about them is how to get rid of … Continue reading

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Spiders have been stereotyped as being dangerous, and the natural tendency is to squash them before taking time to consider how beneficial and interesting they are.  The most unique talent of spiders is their ability to spin silk webs to … Continue reading

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The blackberry (Rubus allegheniensis) is a plant known for its delicious fruit this time of year and nasty thorns any time of year that make walking through a colony of them difficult and painful.  It is normally found on disturbed … Continue reading

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Line of Duty

I just got done doing an agency Operational Pause in Remembrance (a moment of reflection and prayer) to honor the 19 wildland firefighters that died in Arizona recently.  It is a sobering reminder to all emergency personnel that what they … Continue reading

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Lightning and Thunder

Thunderstorms are common during the hot afternoons of summer, and some folks (like me) are invigorated by all the wind, flashes of light, and noise… a sort of natural fireworks show.   The formation of thunderstorms goes something like this: … Continue reading

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