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Trees and Human Health

No one can deny that we humans like to see nature. It’s why we set aside land for city parks, national parks, and greenways. It’s why we get our fingernails dirty planting trees and flowers in our yard. And I … Continue reading

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Tree Care Tips

Before I get going let me put in a plug for a free tree care workshop for homeowners that will be held at the Lincoln Museum auditorium at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate on March 2nd from 10 to 12 … Continue reading

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Pick a Trouble Free Spot for Shade Trees

Shade trees are great additions to your landscape, providing pleasure to the eye and a 10 degree drop in temperature on a hot summer day.  They add value to your property and can reduce your electric bill.  For shade trees … Continue reading

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Browse: An Important Winter Food

Winter browse is a wildlife term that refers to food in the form of woody twigs and buds found on trees, shrubs, and vines.  Since more nutritious and palatable food is available during the growing season, browse is usually only … Continue reading

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