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Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

There are occasions when you need to move a tree or shrub from one place to another, or perhaps you want to try your hand at moving a tree from the wild to your landscape. Successful transplanting requires patience and … Continue reading

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Much Ado about Dew Point

When you watch the weather forecast you invariably see a listing of current conditions, which includes temperature, wind speed, relatively humidity, and dew point. If you’re like me you use those readings to determine how the weather is going to … Continue reading

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Winter Tree Pruning

Winter is a good time to prune most trees because they are dormant and their leaves are off, making it easier to see how the branches are laid out.  Here are some general guidelines to help keep your trees healthier … Continue reading

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Deer Hunting Weather

In order to survive, animals have instinctive reactions to the weather, migrating birds being just one example.  By knowing how game animals react in differing weather conditions can up a hunter’s chances of a successful kill.   Deer depend heavily … Continue reading

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