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Mast Year

Many species of trees have “mast years”, when their seed production is extraordinarily high.  This year the chestnut oaks are really dropping the acorns in my woods. Mast refers to tree seeds that are a food source for wildlife. It … Continue reading

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Picking up Pawpaws

The Pawpaw is a curious native tree that folks rarely pay attention to until it produces fruit.  Also called “Winter Banana” and “Custard Apple”, the fruit looks like it should to be growing in a tropical rain forest rather than … Continue reading

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Becoming Who You Are

With the recent loss of my mother, I have been reminiscing about her life and ended up reminiscing about mine.   I did not realize until now how great of a role she played in me becoming…well, me.  Here are a … Continue reading

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Remorse for a Pigeon

There are times I feel sad that I did not get to see things that are long gone.  The American chestnut tree was once the dominant tree in our forest, but is now reduced to a few surviving stump sprouts.  … Continue reading

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