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Apple Knowledge

With autumn comes the nostalgia of the apple harvest, a fruit whose history goes back a long way.  Legend and art have made the fruit of knowledge that led to the downfall of Adam and Eve an apple, but the … Continue reading

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Heavy Cloud Cover

When you look up at fluffy clouds suspended in the sky you naturally think they don’t weigh much.  But taken as a whole, there is a surprising amount of weight hanging up there.   Clouds are of course suspended water … Continue reading

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Wild Ginger

Wild ginger (Asarum canadense) is an interesting plant found in rich, moist, forested areas in deep hollows and drains.  East and north facing lower slopes are its favored habitat.   Ginger has a stem (called a rhizome) that grows low … Continue reading

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Tree Mathmatics

Okay, confession time: I’m not good at math.  I use it, it’s great, we went to the Moon with it, yada yada.  But I don’t think mathematically and must strive to understand it.  So I was amazed  to stumble across … Continue reading

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Biblical Woodworking

As a novice woodworker, I have an assortment of electric woodworking tools that allow me to quickly cut, shape, and smooth wood to whatever I wish it to be.   I’m grateful to have them, for I can do in a … Continue reading

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Trees, Air, and Water

When I ask kids why trees important, the number one answer is that they produce oxygen, which is correct of course. Leaves are solar collectors that  produce food the tree needs through the miracle of photosynthesis, a complex chemical process … Continue reading

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