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Chicory was a popular wild plant back in earlier times when it was used to make a coffee-like beverage.  It is very common in our area, and can be seen right now growing along roadsides and abandoned places.   Chicory … Continue reading

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Black Willow

Most folks are familiar with weeping willow, which is a popular landscape tree from China.  But we do have a native willow in our area called black willow (Salix nigra), and is very common along stream and riverbanks. Black willow … Continue reading

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Minimal Composting

In all the hoopla to live “green”, I’m sure you’ve heard the benefits of composting yard and kitchen waste.  It’s good fertilizer, adds organic matter, improves soil moisture, and the environmental upshot is you’re sending less stuff to landfills.   Still, … Continue reading

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Being outside is normally a lot of fun, but sometimes you pay a price when you run into a nest of chiggers.  For their size, these little guys are a real pain in the belt line. Chiggers are actually baby … Continue reading

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