Tree Poetry

To the edge of the wood I am drawn, I am drawn… Sidney Lanier


“Under the trees!”  Who but agrees

That there is magic in words such as these?  Charles Claverly



In the country it is as if every tree said to me “Holy!  Holy!”

Who can ever express the ecstasy of the woods?  Ludwig van Beethoven


For the forest tree keeps in her heart

secrets of days long gone… Mary Webb


I am ancient… primeval.

Born from the Earth’s dark womb,

I am spun from the dust of the stars.

I breathe the slow tides that shape the Universe.

I am ancient, beautiful.

I have pushed up from seed,

To sapling and mighty branches.

I have known the roar of sap in my veins,

The caress of Brother Wind and the Sun’s burning kiss.

The benediction of the sacred rains have refreshed my thirst.

I am ancient, awesome.

Within the tight nugget of me

I hold the Earth’s fertile dream.

Hold me and you will know

that my pulse is your pulse.

Breathe me and you will find

the fragrance of Heaven.

And know it in your own body.

I am ancient.  I am you…        Stephanie June Sorrell


He that plants trees loves others besides himself.  English Proverb


…The forest smiles;

And every sense and every heart is joy.   James Thompson



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