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Overlooked Pollinators

You’ve all had enough schooling to know that much of our food requires pollination, and so honey bees are the heroes, making sure we all get to eat.  And they are, don’t get me wrong.  But there are some unsung … Continue reading

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Wildflowers in your Yard

Some folks keep an immaculate lawn and use herbicides to keep the grass free of weeds and anything not grass.  My lawn is lucky to get mown once a week, and yes weeds are in it, but some of them … Continue reading

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Generation Losing

If you read my stuff much, you know that I talk a lot about the importance of our local natural resources: trees, soil, water, and such.  But the recent death of my Aunt Lorene has reminded me that we are … Continue reading

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Tree Poetry

To the edge of the wood I am drawn, I am drawn… Sidney Lanier   “Under the trees!”  Who but agrees That there is magic in words such as these?  Charles Claverly     In the country it is as … Continue reading

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