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Crescent Moon

To me one of the prettiest moon phases to see on a clear night is a thin, brightly lit crescent.  It’s like a big jewel hanging in the sky, and always gives me pause.  Since the moon is an ever … Continue reading

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Winter Reflection

There is a human character difference when it comes to winter.  There are those that love it and those who do not.  I’m one of the former.  When it’s cold you can always dress up and be comfortable, but in … Continue reading

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Tree Plumbing

If you paid attention in health class you know that our body needs to move materials around to function properly, such as oxygen.  The transportation system used is the bloodstream, which utilizes red blood cells as a bucket brigade, going … Continue reading

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Wood Ash Safety

The tragic Christmas Day story the house that burned and killed three children and their grandparents is an unfortunate reminder that you must be careful when burning wood even beyond the hot flaming stage.  The fire was caused by the … Continue reading

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