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Trees in Winter

When the forest is laid bare each winter there is a tendency to think of it as a bleak and dreary place.  But the basic structural skeleton of each tree can be seen at this time, with every branch, twig, … Continue reading

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Snow White

Part of the holiday imagery that is anticipated each year is snow: I’m dreaming of a white Christmas and such.  And why you might ask, is snow white?  And where does the white go when it melts?   The answer requires … Continue reading

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Decorating with Holly branches is just one of many Christmas traditions that come from the forest.  Its green foliage and bright red berries stand out in a bleak winter landscape, which has attracted mankind to it for centuries. Long ago … Continue reading

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Bring us a Figgy Pudding

You ever notice in Christmas carols things that you sing about but have no idea what it is? I know you’ve all sang ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ with the line ‘Oh bring us a figgy pudding’ without knowing … Continue reading

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