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Avoiding Tree – Utility Conflicts

Utility Services are what makes our homes comfortable, providing electricity, water, sewage disposal, etc.  It’s easy to forget that these services are provided through wires and pipes that are either overhead or below ground.  When trees are planted near these … Continue reading

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Trees and the Signs

Back before all the high tech equipment we use now to carry on our lives, people observed nature to help decide when to do certain tasks, such as planting tomatoes or splitting firewood.  They didn’t know it, but they were … Continue reading

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The Wind in the Pines

Surely sometime or other you have heard the quiet sound of the wind blowing through a pine tree, and paused to listen.  To me the soft sighing evokes peacefulness, and a little sadness.   The Japanese (remember them in your prayers) … Continue reading

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House Dust

Those trying in vain to keep a house clean detest house dust.  It floats in sunbeams and accumulates on furniture.  Most assume the dust comes from outside, and dirt does come in on shoes and such, but it doesn’t move … Continue reading

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The Singing of the Frogs

Spring can be pretty noisy around ponds, lakes, water holes, and other moist areas.  Male frogs and toads are the minstrels of warm weather, calling out in loud, pleading voices to woo the females. Pause and listen to them, for … Continue reading

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