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The Oaks are the most valuable hardwood in our area. The wood is durable, beautiful, and in demand both here and abroad for furniture, flooring, and veneer products.   In the forest the acorn (called mast) is rated at the top … Continue reading

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Dressing For Outside

During cold weather, wearing the right clothing can make the difference between pleasure and misery.  The phrase “dress in layers,” is well used, but is still good advice.  Layers of clothing help trap air around the body and insulate from … Continue reading

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Sun Dogs

I saw an impressive sun dog last weekend and thought it would be a good subject to touch on.  It’s those bright spots of light you sometimes see on one or both sides of the sun, occasionally accompanied by a … Continue reading

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Teach Your Children Well

With the New Year comes reflection and taking a stab at resolutions.  There are plenty of things to consider doing or not doing differently, but I would like to add one more for your consideration: get your child, grandchild, niece, … Continue reading

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